the silver smalls anklet is available with the heart symbol, lotus flower or the area code 716

smalls collection ankle bracelet

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the Smalls anklet is availble with the heart symbol, lotus flower or the area code 716.

the smalls collection was created for the person that wants to wear something that really speaks to them every day but does not feel confining, heavy or flashy. smalls are timeless and ageless.

these Smalls ankle bracelets provide a gentle reminder each time you look at it to be in the moment, focus, just breathe, etc.

the smalls are made from silver metal clay and attached to a black waxed cotton cord for durability and comfort. 

all of daVoria jewelry is hand moulded. Although pieces look the same, they are all individually made and therefor no 2 pieces are exactly alike. 

Your piece will be ready to deliver in 2 to 3 weeks. If you need it sooner please let me know before you  so I can make sure I can accommodate you.

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