silver chakra necklace with polymer clay (reversible)
reversible side of chakra necklace with polymer clay, tree bark for grounding!
silver chakra necklace with polymer clay
silver chakra necklace with polymer clay
silver chakra necklace with polymer clay


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this chakra necklace has finally come to life! it has been years in the making. i wasn't sure whether I was going to use crystals or stones in the silver. after going back and forth for quite sometime I finally decided on polymer clay? yes, you got that right! not crystals or stones but polymer clay with an overlay of resin. i LOVE the versatility of polymer clay added to my metal clay and it's so much more fun!

the pure silver energy chakra necklace measures around 2 inches by 1/4 of an inch and hangs from your choice of a sterling silver ball chain.

the best part of this chakra necklace is that it is reversible! flip it over to the other side and it has the texture of a piece of tree bark. i thought that this texture was fitting for the chakra pendant to give it that extra sense of grounding.  

chakras are the wheels of energy through the body. here I have listed for you the 7 chakras and their colors that correspond with them.

7th, Crown Chakra - purple
6th, Third Eye Chakra - dark blue
5th, Throat Chakra - light blue
4th, Heart Chakra - green
3rd, Solar Plexus Chakra - yellow
2nd, Sacral Chakra - orange
1st, Root Chakra -red

all of daVoria jewelry is hand molded. although pieces look the same, they are all individually made and therefor no 2 pieces are exactly alike. 

please allow 3 to 4 weeks for these to be made and delivered. click here with any questions you might have. 

***special thanks to my friend Char for modeling this pice for me.