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Signature Tags
Remember that I am using the signature that you have given me. If the writing is not legible as you see it before it is put into the silver it will not be legible once it’s in the silver. Remember it’s a signature and signatures are not always legible. 
Signature Tags come in 3 sizes small (size of a dime) medium (size of a quarter) and large (size of a half dollar)
Small- fits one word maybe two $89 -$30 extra for two sided
Medium- fits two words maybe three $109 and $40 extra for two-sided
Large- fits three words and maybe four $125 and $50 extra for two-sided
*Each necklace comes on a 16, 18, 20, 24 or 30 inch sterling silver chain.
*Each bracelet is either on a sterling silver chain or a sterling silver wire bangle.
*The Signature Tag comes complete with the chain or wire and can not be ordered without unless it is a replacement piece. 
signature tags