how we got here!

what is '100% mom inspired?' read on!

even if you aren't like me, you have to enjoy the beauty in art. have you ever wanted to wear a simple, yet cost efficient  piece of jewelry that looks like art? i am looking to perfect the simplistic, yet elegant piece. i like to work with textures and patinas to show and compliment the dimensions and angles of the piece. i love the simple, unaltered look of silver when there is no color added. in simple words, it is unique and gorgeous. if that's the type of jewelry you want, daVoria is exactly what you need!


how did i start making jewelry, you ask? have you ever lost someone you're incredibly close to and love very much?

when my mom died i felt a terrible loss. we spent a lot of time together. i was searching for something new to do, something she and I did not have in common. that’s when i started beading. i knew that gemstones had healing properties, so that’s where i started. while working with the gemstones they gave me a calmness and i felt healing. i later learned that before my mom died, her and my aunt, along with a group of other women, were going to start a beading group. with that information i felt that i was living one of my mom's dreams and it brought me great comfort.

as time went on i became restless with the beading. i wanted to put my own unique look to my work. i wanted to add words. i wanted my jewelry to speak. that was about 7 years ago. while making my jewelry i kept asking myself, what need does my jewelry have that makes people not only want to buy my jewelry, but need to buy my jewelry? 

signature tag

like all great discoveries i stumbled upon the answer one day and i found a way to take words and make my own stamps. i was then able to take an exact replica to imprint into my jewelry. playing around with my new stamp machine i decided to make a stamp of my mom’s signature. once my "mom" necklace came to life i knew i had my answer! i had found my niche! “signature tags”. and ironically my mom's hand writing was my inspiration for this line. making jewelry from signatures makes me feel so good. seeing the reaction on peoples faces when they see the piece i made for them is so gratifying! 

my mom was a very kind and giving person so i feel her energy behind these signature tags. i know she is right by my side saying 'this is a great thing you have here dawn marie, keep it going!!' 

i feel my jewelry line is constantly evolving. i hope you enjoy wearing my pieces as much as i enjoy designing and making them for you!

my name is dawn marie digesare. we are daVoria jewelry. and i make jewelry that touches the heart!

my jewelry is showing exclusively at enjoy the journey located at 168 orchard park rd, buffalo, ny, 14224 and the river art gallery , located at 83 webster street, north tonawanda, ny 14120.