what will i need to get my order started?

a clear photo or scanned copy emailed to dizdigesare@gmail.com

what if I cant send a scanned copy?

you may take a very focused picture of the signature, in a very lighted area. Send it via email to dizdigesare@gmail.com

how many words can I have on the pendant?

the smaller the pendant fewer words are going to fit, if you are questioning the words you want, email me @ dizdigesare@gmail.com with the size of your desired pendant and a sample of the words. We’ll work together and find a happy resolution!

can I have something on the back?

Of course, for a minimal charge..

will I get a discount for ordering multiple pieces?

Yes, if you are using the same signature on the multiple pieces. There is a stamp making process, which is included in the original price. Once that is made for the tag, I can use it over and over.

what if I order different tags for multiple pieces?

you will be discounted for multiple tags that you order for a single piece.

can I buy just the charm?

although it is not my practice, yes you can. however, I only offer a discount for wholesale order for charms for that.

how long does it take for my piece to be made?

this depends on the time of year. It will take approximately 2-4 weeks if you are in need of a rush order, contact me and we will do what we can to help!.

how do I care for my jewelry?

the piece is made from pure silver, the chains and wire sterling silver, I recommend using a jewelry cleaning cloth and keeping your pieces in an anti-tarnish or zip lock bag.

can i combine coupons?

coupons cannot be combined for the same order.