daVoria gives back

we are so grateful for what we have and especially for you!

giving back is our way of saying thank you and supporting causes that are near and dear to all of us. 

semi colon awareness -

we proudly support suicide awareness and the suicide hotline with portions of proceeds from every piece of semi colon jewelry. The semi colon can represent any type of mental distress: whether it be the loss of a loved one, depression, recovery and so on. each and every one of us is touched by someone or has experienced a difficult time.



my story - 

an uncomfortable subject, but one that needs to be acknowledged and discussed - abuse. my story is the initiative of dear tayrin, everyone has a story, but every story is unique. a portion of every smalls bracelet is donated to dear tayrin. you can learn more about my story and dear tayrin here

my story smalls

kenmore west senior high school - 

we proudly support kenmore west senior high school (mine, dennis', our sons, a daughter in law and three granddaughters' alma mater. the importance of art education is so incredibly important, especially during these difficult political times. support the arts, sports and general education of all of our kids!