Here Are Some Tips for Giving the Perfect Gift:

Supporting Small businesses can make you the best present giver EVER!
Here are some tips for giving the perfect gift:
The best gifts show that you really know them and that you put a lot of thought into the gift you picked for them. 
Make sure that you pay attention to  the emails coming into your in box and what people are posting on social media. There are so many creative things that people are posting about. Of these businesses who would fit with who? You can get gift ideas right from the comfort of your home?
So many makers are able to make something that is specifically for the person you're giving to. So ask questions and see if they can change things to suit your needs. You'd be surprised at how willing they are to work with you.
I have many things that I've done for people over the years that I've never talked about publicly. One time I took the impression of a rock that was shaped like a heart and put a dad's signature into it. The woman who gave this heart as a gift knew her friend would appreciate the impression of the heart. Her friends dad always gave her friend heart shaped rocks as loving gifts.
The possibilities are endless and I welcome any ideas. I have to say that I've never turned anyone away. I even started putting the signature tags in frames. Here's an example:
Do you want me to help you give the perfect gift? Check out some of my work here or send me a message so we can connect. 716-510-8268.
Have a happy and safe holiday season from our family to yours.
xoxo Dawn and Dennis

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