The Moon - Challenge #1

This is my first piece to a very interesting and different kind of collection.


During the 2019 holiday season Dennis came to me about a idea he had for a new jewelry collection that he wanted me to bring to life. I definitely was interested in what he was telling me and up for the challenge.

Later that month I was talking to my friend Lisa who owns the River Art Gallery. We always have these great in depth talks. I was telling her about Dennis and my collaboration and she told me about an idea that she had. And so the planning began...

In the meantime my friend Vivian started a Ring a Week Challenge. I love seeing her creations each week and thought that I'd follow her lead. I would challenge myself to work on this collection. Knowing my limits and all I have going on I decided to give myself 2 weeks to complete my pieces. 

I'm so thankful for being surrounded by so much inspiration!


The Moon- You are reborn. The moon brings new changes and emotions into your life. Connect with yourself, spiritually and physically.



I chose this first because lately I have been following the 8 phases of the lunar moon and the effects they have on our behavior. Thanks for reading to this point and look for the next piece I have in the making. xo -Dawn








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