Meet My Mom and Dad!!

For those who haven't been following me for very long here's a little bit about my jewelry journey... This is a photo of my mom and dad at my sons wedding. It was the day before their 50th wedding anniversary celebration. It was a wonderful weekend. Two and a half months later my mom died.

My mom and I were very close. While trying to deal with my grief I was looking for something to do with my time. Something my mom and I did not have in common. That's where the beading came in. I found comfort in the gemstones and their healing power. They helped soothe me working through my grief.
After a while the gemstones just weren't the thing that was making me feel that my jewelry was speaking to people. In my search for something meaningful for my jewelry I stumbled on metal clay. I had this desire to make jewelry with words that would help people feel good when they wore or saw the jewelry. I finally had found a way to get the words printed into the clay. So I tried it with moms signature and boom! I had something that was so meaningful to the people receiving or wearing my jewelry.

I know that my mom has been with me on this journey. Gently nudging me as she always did. Always believing in me. Her presence with me every step of the way. I'm so thankful for my progress but it's also bitter sweet. Without my mom dying I would never have been on this amazing journey. I believe that she would have loved everything about daVoria.
My dad, recently passed as some of you know, did what he could to support me. If I had a show and my husband was at work couldn't help me with the set up, my dad would help me pack up the truck and come help me set up. He would help me with by making displays and and brainstorm with me about new display ideas. He was always a little sad though that he couldn't help make the pieces!
So I feel that in honor of my mom I have grown and done some pretty incredible things in the last 10 years like creating daVoria. And to honor my dad I'll be taking daVoria to a whole new level. They will both be with me in spirit.Meet 

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