Making Jewelry is Easy.

Making Jewelry Is Easy.  

Hi, guys! It is Dennis! I make a quick stop at Michael’s. Pick up string, beads, a clasp. Home. Beads to string, a couple of knots. Clasp to string. Done. 

So, if it is that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it? 

It isn’t. Watching Dawn put her heart and soul into every single step that it takes to make a piece is a sight to see. For example, when she first receives a signature for a tag she meticulously ‘cleans it.’ She makes sure that every imperfection is removed until it is spotless, perfect. It is even more amazing to watch her take one signature from a card and another from a separate letter so they match perfectly. 

She then turns to the stamp making process and is as exact as she was with the signature. The stamp needs to be a perfect replication of the treasured signature or she will start again. I have seen her work late into the night, knowing she has to get up early to go to work or pick up granddaughter, until she gets it just so. It MUST be exact. 

The actual jewelry creation is next. Nothing changes here, it is perfection or unacceptable. Dawn has redone pieces 2 or 3 times if the firing isn’t perfect. Don’t get me wrong, she has it down to a system, but things happen.

That doesn’t even begin to explain the incredible emotional highs and lows that comes with creating a treasured memory for someone. I have watched her cry for days when she is working on a piece a parent has ordered that represents a child lost. I have seen the tears of joy when she helps a client begin to heal, by creating a keepsake commemorating the recent loss of a parent. I’ve seen the tears of joy when she sees the thankful, loving reaction when she delivers the created masterpiece. 

It really is blood, sweat and tears. To learn more about signature tags, or to purchase, click here. To join our mailing list click here. 

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  • That was beautiful! I’m not surprised that Dawn is like that, she has a beautiful soul.


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