ordering a personalized signature tag...

I get asked this all the time. What do I need to do to have a Signature Tag piece of jewelry made? Before I go any further please if you're feeling uncomfortable or don't understand and want me to walk you through it, I will be more than happy to have a conversation over the phone with you. 716–5 10–8268. To me this Is an important purchase and I encourage you to call me directly. Or you can fill out this form and I can get back to you.


First you need to decide if you want your piece made from a actual signature, simple piece of art or a word.  Even if you want a word used you can write it yourself or have somebody write it for you. Or I can just copy the word in pretty much any font you'd  like.


Now if you decide that you want the signature (or piece of art) from an actual person, you need to collect that signature. Sometimes we find it on a card or letter or something like that. I just need a well lit photo of that signature (or piece of art). Stand directly above the signature and take a head on front view snap shot of it. Or if you live in my area you can bring it to me and I can take a snap shot for you.


Once you've made the decision of what signature, piece of art or words that you want on your piece we can decide the size and shape.

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