Do you know what the top jewelry trend for 2018 is?

Yeah, me either. Hi, you guys! It's Dennis.Just wanted to drop in and say I will be doing the blogging , with guest appearances by Dawn. 

Our show schedule looks like the following, for now::

Discover Kenmore June 15th

Canal Fest of the Tonawandas July 21st and 22nd

Lewiston Jazz festival August 24th and 25th

Orchard Park Festival of the Arts September 15 and 16th

We have cut way back on the shows, but enjoy seeing all of you so much that we want to continue doing a handful. We love to meet with you, hear your stories and what has been going on in with every one of you over the past year. 

There are many changes going on at daVoria and we think you will like them. The website will be changing, we will be adding a lot of new offerings that will fit your lifestyle and beliefs. We are very excited with the new direction and, as always, we love your input!



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