Celebrating my Dad today and always!


All week I’ve said to myself when Father’s Day gets here I am not going to cry. I’m going to celebrate my Dad without crying. 
Of course here I am on Father’s Day crying! Oh well, I had good intentions. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with crying after all I miss him so much.
My Dad was the guy I went to when I had a crazy idea or a project that I want to make happen. I don’t think there ever was a project he said no to.
I helped him build my 2 salons. Together we remodeled the kitchen. Then while we were waiting for the countertops to be made we laid new floors in the living and dining rooms. 
He was always there for me to talk out some of my crazy ideas. Sometime do think he thought I was nuts but he always supported everything I did. 
We all considered him to be a crazy guy that would say things that made us all laugh and laugh (and roll our eyes). We still do laugh while reminiscing. I'm so grateful that my granddaughters got to know him and spend so much time with him.
Happy Father's Day Dad! We miss and love you more than ever! 

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