Capturing memories through my jewelry

A few months ago I was looking through my Moms photos. One of the photos was of my mom kissing my brother, Joe. I remember taking this photo, somewhere around 40 years ago. When I flipped it over there was a message on the back in my mothers hand writing- A kiss from my son. How beautiful is that? Over 40 years later and we find this incredible message! I'm so glad that I can make my brother a forever keepsake.
To me a piece like this is a representation of how much we were loved and that our loved ones were actually here. It sweetens because I've been able to capture that day with a photo and now my brother can have that constant reminder of the note that was on the back every time he reaches for his keys. 
Do you have something that you would love for me to create for you? Do you have a special message or signature that you’ve have from someone that you’d like to have made into a keepsake?
Or maybe you’d like to give a message to someone you love. It’s a great way for you to celebrate life and love. 
Click here if you’d like to browse some pieces of my work on my website. You can also view some of my work on Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like to talk or text with me I can be reached here 716-510-8268. I welcome your contacting me! 

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