Best gift ever!!

This Christmas was a first without my dad. I struggled through the getting all of my jewelry orders finished, shopping and preparing for our family’s celebrations. I did pretty good until I received this gift from my three year old granddaughter Juniper. More about the gift in a minute....


Juniper was born when he had the most time on his hands and was just relaxing in life. During her infancy he went from living with me and my husband to living at Bristol Village an assisted living place. She was there to visit him at least once a week. He and the people at Bristol Village looked forward to her visits. Sometimes he would sing to her and play the harmonica.


So this Christmas while she was making portraits for everyone as gifts, her mom told her to make one for her 2 papas. And she informed her mom she had 3 papas and wanted to make one of her Papa Joe playing the harmonica.
I will treasure this gift! She has been so unusually understanding of me since my dad passed. Every once and a while she’ll say to me Nonna, do you still miss your dad? Of course I’ll say yes and she’ll give me a hug. So very heartwarming!


Do you have a special gift that you received? I would love to hear about it in the comments below.


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